Weddings and engagements are special times for the people involved.  I understand things can get pretty crazy and I want to make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.  I am a professional photographer who has learned from some of the best photographers around the country.  What makes me unique is my ability to work well with people.  My clients often remark how comfortable they are with me and how they never even notice I am there.  They absolutely love their photos and enjoyed working with me.

I am honest and I expect the same from my clients.  If you feel something is not being handled correctly or you do not like your photos , just let me know!  I want to make sure your photos are treasures you can keep for years to come.

All photos you receive are high quality, fully edited images ready for web and print.  I do not print photos for my clients because it is much easier for you to choose which photos you want to print.  Simply take the photos you want to print to your local print store and they will print for you.  It's also much cheaper for you!


I offer one wedding package for the simple fact that all weddings are very different and the needs and prices will differ depending on the needs of the wedding.  Here is what this package includes:

Wedding Package ($2,500)

  • Up to 250 fully edited, high quality photos from the time I start to the time I end.

  • Consultation included

  • Up to eight (8) hours of flexible work*

  • Full digital gallery

  • Three week delivery time

  • 'Sneak Peak' gallery of up to 25 photos within three days

  • Any time after eight hours will be subject to an extra $200/hour

How The Wedding Process Works

Weddings have needs and those needs change depending on the wedding, people, place, etc.  Thus, my base price starts at $2,000.  This includes professional photographic services and a full online digital gallery.

OK, so you're interested? Excellent!  You can go ahead and head over to my contact page and send me a request.  I'll get back to you and from there here is what you can expect:

Wedding Contract - My services require a contract.  You can view and download this contract here. Please take some time to look over the contract before the initial consultation.  During the consultation we will also go over the contract in detail.  You won't need to sign immediately, but it's really just a moment for you all to get to know me, ask any questions (interview me if you wish, ha!) and vice versa.

Initial Consultation - This first meeting will either be in-person or via webchat (Skype, FaceTime, etc).  Here we will get to know each other, talk about the wedding and get an idea of what you're looking for in your photos.  It is preferred that both clients be present at the time, just to make sure there is not any miscommunication.  We can discuss pricing, equipment, venue, special assignments and anything else you have questions about.  This also gives me a chance to ask any clarifying questions I have for you.  These meetings typically last an hour.  After the meeting, you can decide whether or not you want to hire me.  I'm obviously biased, but I hope you choose me! :)

Contract Signing - I will bring a copy of the contract with me to the initial consultation.  Some are ready to fill it out and sign at the initial consultation, while others still need time to decide.  If you decide to choose me as your photographer, you can sign the contract (electronic contracts available as well) and give it back to me.  As you know more details about your wedding, just make sure to let me know.  I should be just as informed as you are for the wedding, so I do not miss any important moments. That's it for now until your wedding!

The Wedding - I will arrive a few minutes before the designated time on the contract.  I will setup and get my equipment ready and start taking photos.  You will have my cell phone number and should you need anything specific, simply call me or have one of your contacts call me.  Really, the day is all about you and I will make sure to get several quality photos to make sure you are happy with the end results.  If there are any changes, just remember to communicate them with me ahead of time. I'll be honest, I am committed to the photographer end time on the contract.  Additional time past the photographer end time will be subject to extra fees.

After The Wedding -  You will receive a teaser gallery within 72 hours from the end of the wedding.  The rest of the photos come in about three weeks. You will receive both print files and web files.  Print files are given because I do not offer print services and you are able to print your photographs at your leisure. It's much cheaper for you.

Final Thoughts - If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact me.  Remember to mention my name when people ask who did your photos!  Also, please refrain from using altering your photos (except cropping and. black and white filters) if you choose to upload them to social media sites such as Instagram.  Photography is my art and I ask that you respect my art and not add additional filters, etc. or change the final images I give you. Thanks!


Engagements are a great way to showcase your upcoming special day to friends and family.  I offer three engagement options for clients interested in doing photos.  I make sure to get close-ups, detailed ring photos and special moments during all of my photo sessions.

Option One ($200)

  • One (1) location

  • One (1) hour photo shoot

  • Up to two (2) outfit changes

  • Full digital gallery

  • Up to 50 fully edited, high quality photos

Option Two ($400)

  • Up to two (2) locations

  • Up to two (2) hour photo shoot

  • Up to three (3) outfit changes

  • Full digital gallery

  • Up to 75 full edited, high quality photos

Option Three ($500)

  • Up to three (3) locations

  • Up to three (3) hour photo shoot

  • Up to four (4) outfit changes

  • Full digital gallery

  • Up to 100 full edited, high quality photos




I have been asked on several occasions if it is possible to get a package deal on the engagement and wedding sessions if I do both and the answer is yes!  If you choose to have me do both the wedding and the engagement photo shoot, you will receive the engagement package of your choice for free*!  In addition, I will increase the amount of photos from 250 to 500 from the wedding for free.

*Excludes Option Three.  If Option Three is desired, then it will be an additional $100 dollar charge.