Miami University (OH) Graduation Photos

Congratulations! Your time at Miami is coming to a close.  Hopefully this is a place you could call home and many memories were made in the small little town.  

As an alum (M.S. '15!) that still works here let me give you a parting gift utilizing the skills I learned at this very institution.  Photography is a way to commemorate your time here, whether it is individual photos you want for your family, or group photos with your friends, I can help you out.  The best part? It's absolutely FREE.  No strings attached. No gimmicks. No ads. No hidden secrets. Free. Feel free to ask the hundred's of Miami grads I've taken photos of. I ask that if you are scheduled to get your photos done by someone else, either in a group or individually, please do not also book with me and take advantage of the free service.

Seriously. This is a completely free service. I've done several class years up to this point, take a look at some examples. And if you know them, feel free to ask them!

How it Works

*I am not available on Saturdays or Sundays*

Singles (3 people or less)

  • Half hour photoshoot

  • 1 location (Uptown bars are off limits for me, sorry!)

  • Can include individual photos of every person

Groups (4 people or more)

  • 1 hour photoshoot

  • 2 locations (Uptown bars are off limits for me, sorry!)

  • Can include individual photos of every person

Interested? I'm excited! Click the link below to send me an e-mail and we'll setup a time. Looking forward to commemorating your time here! If you have any questions please let me know.

I get quite busy around graduation times, so please be patient as I respond to e-mails. Typical turn around for full set of photos is about a 2-4 weeks.  You get a few to share on social media within 24 hours.

Love and Honor!


*I will do most locations, however most uptown bars/restaurants are off limits for me.