Miami (OH) vs. Buffalo

Yesterday I photographed my first football night game.  Miami (OH) played Buffalo on a (what I would consider) a cold night.  It was in the low 40’s and there was some wind chill.  Definitely a good experience, getting to photograph a night game, especially in the cold.  Bundling up helped, but my hands were still super cold.  Someone ended up giving me some hand warmers, and to that person I say thank you!  It was seriously a hand-saver, haha!  

Anyways, check out some of the photos from last night.  Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Also, any of my photo friends understand how frustrating this can be.  Ref’s always getting in the way of a good photo!

Also, you all also understand back-focusing :(

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You Know I Love Lightning

You all know how much I love lightning and taking photos of all its glory.  Well, there was another lightning storm here in Ohio and I got my camera out and took some photos.  It was a beautiful storm and I got some really good exposures.  Check them out below!

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Some Concert Photography

Alright, alright, so I've been MIA for quite some time.  Well, I've been moving into my new place and getting settled.  Finished professional staff training, RA training and opened my first building as a full-time staff member.  I've been busy!

Anyways, part of the welcome we give to first-year students is having several events.  One of those events was a concert, specifically We The Kings. I haven't really had the opportunity to photograph a concert, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to do it this time.  Here's my first attempt with the acknowledgement that I forgot some of the band members (my bad!)  Anyways, check them out below:

Be honest and let me know what you think!

I'll be posting more often now, so stay tuned! :)

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