Yikes... can't believe two years went by so fast... I got my Master's Degree though!  First person in my family to do so making it a huge milestone.  But this post won't be about how much I will (already) miss my cohort, but about some of the grad photos I got to do for some of my friends.

Kristen was fun to do because we also took another one of our friends, Lana and she acted as our assistant, until she turned on music, then she started dancing.  Nonetheless, it was still tons of fun and the lighting outside was phenomenal!  Here is some of what came of that photo shoot:

Next up is Dave.  Dave's photos were difficult because there was so much wind.  Seriously, it was difficult to find places where the wind wasn't blowing hard, making it hard to grab any good photographs with the tassel.  We managed to still find some good spots and get some really good photos! Check them out:

Sam was next and she was great.  Simple and short photo shoot, with some really good pictures.  The light, again, was definitely working in our favor.  Check them out here:

Lastly, we got Karl, who was also fun.  It was a nice, warm evening.  Fun to just chat and walk around.  Got some good stuff out of it though!  Check it out:

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