Back Then and Now

A while ago I read an article on The Phoblographer (maybe it was FStoppers) about photographers looking at their images shot years ago.  They then took those photos and edited them like they would in the present.  I marked this down as something to do when I had some free time.  Now that I have some free time, I came to realize my old photo's were deleted when my external crashed. However, good thing for Facebook! I took some old photos I shot when I was first getting back into the photography thing and to be honest I thought they were pretty bad... If you are one of the people I did photos for years ago, I will redo your photos for free, haha! Anyways, after working with professionals for a whole semester, I decided to take another shot at editing some of my old photos. I honestly think the difference is quite remarkable and I think the finished product is 10x better. Take a look at some I did:

Yikes! In some ways I feel bad because I want to redo these images for people.  On the other hand, I bet if I did these photos again in a year or two they'd be completely different.  I was proud of my work back then and still am.  Looking at the before and after just goes to show me how much I have learned over the years.  Can't wait to see what I learn in the future! I definitely would get rid of those signatures at the bottom though if I could.  Don't know why I ever did that.

Let me know what you think!