The Power of Photographs

Sooooooooo, it's been quite a long time since I have posted on this thing. I apologize.  I've been incredibly busy. Since I last posted, I have the had the grand opportunity of photographing many, many different events and sports.  Check out some of the best I've done in the past two months! (Click the image to cycle through)

No joke people, I've fallin' in love with my practicum and know the media route is a route I want to take in student affairs. In these three months, I've come to notice a lot of different things about photography and how it's used around campus and online.  Here's how the process works: I get an assignment, could be a portrait, sporting event, whatever. I go to that assignment and take pictures.  I choose about 30 of those photos and then upload them to a server, where someone else picks what gets showcased online.  You see that gives me a lot of power as a photographer. I am the one pointing the camera and hitting the shutter, after all. For example, let's say I was shooting sports. I'll use Volleyball to give an example. Let's say the Volleyball team wins, I've taken about 500 photos and I need to choose some of my best thirty. My best. Given they won, I might choose photos that look like this:

 D4215 Volleyball vs Buffalo
 D4215 Volleyball vs Buffalo

If I didn't tell you what happened during this match, you'd probably guess we'd have won. So what happens if we were to lose? `What images do I provide? That may look something like this:

What are you thinking about now? Maybe the the player being showcased had a great game? Maybe we scored a lot? Maybe it was a tough game? This is branding. Despite the loss I would never give an image that looked like this:

 D4215 Volleyball vs Buffalo

Why? We did lose after all. Branding. It's all about the images and the images have power. That is what I have noticed in three months. You really have to know your work setting and how marketing wants to portray their images. 

I've learned, as a photographer and student affairs professional, the images I create can hold a lot of power.  That's a little scary.  Considering I am still learning a lot about media in student affairs, I am sometimes afraid of the images I put out. How will they be portrayed? Did I capture what the client (campus personnel) wanted in the images? Thankfully I have great practicum supervisors, which have guided me on the process of creating images and portraying them. Despite them thinking they are just photographers, they are much more. We can't just be photographers when we know so much more. We are also cultivators of a cultural craft. We understand culture and sub-culture, even if we lack the jargon to speak about it or even realize we know about culture and sub-culture.

Anyways. I'm having tons of fun here and will be posting more often now that I am 'less' busy. Ha! Like that will ever be a thing. #TheGradLife

Requests or comments? Let me know. You know where to find me. :) Oh, and thanks for reading!